5 Days To A Sellable Signature Offer

It's time to create an offer you're ready to sell the f*ck out of.


🙋🏻‍♀️Raise your hand if you're ready to create a signature offer you can sell by the end of the week! 🙋🏻‍♀️

It's so much easier than you think 😉😉😉

✅ Let me guess, you want to create a signature offer, but you have no idea where to start.

✅ Or you have so many ideas of offers you can create, but you don't know which one to pick first.

✅ Or you want to create a signature offer, but you're not sure you're ready? (Spoiler alert: you totally are! Yes, you too!)

✅ Or maybe you already have an offer, but you're struggling to sell it consistently.

✅ Or also you're struggling to add value to that offer to match up with what price you're envisioning to sell it for.

✅ And maybe you're stuck trying to figure out that happy medium between your price and what you *think* you can sell your offer for

That's where 5 Days To A Sellable Signature Offer comes in.

Seriously. 5 Days.

🧐Let's debunk some seriously annoying misconceptions🧐

See also: things that drive me nuts and piss me off 🤬🤬🤬

🙅🏻‍♀️ Creating a signature offer that you can sell today does *NOT* have to take weeks or months or years when you *ALREADY* know how to serve your ideal client

🙅🏻‍♀️ A signature offer that sells does *NOT* have to include the complete and total width and breath of your industry. In fact, the more specific your transformation, the easier it'll sell.

🙅🏻‍♀️ Your ideal client is seriously, seriously *NOT* just going to Google what you know. You know it like the back of your hand for a reason.

🙅🏻‍♀️ Your signature offer is never ever set in stone. You can sell the offer you create with this program once, and decide you want to do something different for your next client. The key here is getting you to sell, period.

🙅🏻‍♀️ You are ready to start selling your signature offer when you decide you’re ready (ie. like today!) There are no qualifications, nothing you need to have done beforehand, no business milestone you need to reach, no specific size of an audience that you need to have, before you can start selling your offer to the people who need it most.

That's where 5 Days To A Sellable Signature Offer comes in.

Seriously. 5 Days.


5 Days To A Sellable Signature Offer

A 5-day, self-paced program created to teach you exactly what to do to create a service you're excited to sell the f*ck out of. From AUDIENCE to TRANSFORMATION to PRICING, this is exactly how to get your expertise in front of your ideal client so *YOU* can get paid for what you know best.

Because seriously, they're not going to just Google it. Trust me on this.

👋🏻 👋🏻 👋🏻 Creating and selling signature offers is something I can do in my sleep. And I want you to learn how I do it.

Hi, I’m Kathryn Roberts, and I am obsessed with helping business owners and service providers create and market custom services and programs that sell with ease. The service-creation process is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Give me a niche and an ideal client, and I can come up with a service that sells in minutes.

I had no idea where to start when I was thinking about creating higher-ticket offers to sell, until I realized that when you focus on the transformation, you can sign clients within days

The first time I signed a client, the process of going from someone who hadn’t known me, to someone who signed on to work with me, took less than five days.

While working with one of my first clients—a pay in full client!—I realized that while I loved working with her, the price of the service didn’t make it worth it to me once I got down to the last few weeks of our time together. I immediately increased my prices, and the next client I signed—another pay in full—got even better results for paying me at that higher price!


What we're covering

5 Days To A Sellable Signature Offer walks you step-by-step through my custom process to create and price a service that sells, every single time.

Video Zero: The Mindset Behind Making The Commitment To Create & Sell Your Services To Those Who Need You The Most!

Mindset is key here. If you don't believe in your offer, then why should your potential clients?

Lesson access: as soon as you sign up!

Video One: Who Are You Here To Serve?

This is not your mother’s ideal client exercise. We're going to walk through the *type* of client you're here to serve, and what you need to know before you start creating that offer.

Lesson access: as soon as you sign up!

Video Two: What is the transformation you provide your clients?

What is the Point B? Your ideal client is at Point A, which you do need to understand, but what's even more important to be 100% of is where your ideal client is going to be once they're done learning from or working with you.

Lesson access: one day after you sign up!

Video Three: Containing That Transformation

You know your endgame. Now to determine how you and your ideal client are going to work together. A 1:1 coaching program with weekly coaching calls? A group program? A done-for-you deal with regular updates? We'll decide what's best for you.

Lesson access: two days after you sign up!

Video Four: Pricing Your Service (& How To Get Paid Before You Start Working)

Gone are the days where we price low, just because we're "too new" to business. Your time, especially your 1:1 time, is immensely valuable, and you get to be compensated accordingly for it.

Lesson access: three days after you sign up!

Video Five: Getting Your Signature Offer In Front Of Your Ideal Client

This is your rinse and repeat, step-by-step guide to never running out of results-driven content to share with your ideal client on social media (plus, you'll learn the difference between your audience and your ideal client, which will change the game and make selling all that much easier.

Lesson access: four days after you sign up!

🔥BONUS: How To Stop Overthinking And Actually Start Marketing Your Services on Social Media ($197 value)

🔥BONUS: My Eyes, Your Offer A 50% Discount On My Signature Offer Audit

($497 value)

Ready to start selling your signature offer?

See what my clients have to say:

"Just doing this outline has already given me so much more confidence and clarity on my overall client journeys. And thanks to that, I just got off a discovery call with a new potential client that I feel super confident about, just because I had so much clarity around my client journeys. Feeling pumped!"

"While creating my new consulting service with Kathryn, she immediately helped me realize I needed to raise my prices, because based on my expertise and experience in my industry, selling my service for anything less than $2500 would completely undervalue myself and my new consulting firm."

""As a graphic designer, I know that there are only so many hours in the day that I can actually work, and with Kathryn, I was able to both create and price a service that maximizes my time and energy along my 9-5 job. She helped me get out of selling an offer at an hourly rate so that my clients can get the most out of working with me, and I can make sure I'm getting paid for all the work that I do."

🧐Some food for thought🧐

(this may hurt a bit🤕)

✅ Overthinking your signature offer and remaining in indecision is costing you thousands of dollars and the ability to help the people who need you most.

✅ If you don’t start telling your ideal client how you can help them, they’re going to find someone else in your industry who can.

✅ Stop thinking that signature offers have to be all encompassing. What’s one thing you’re damn good at? Sell the shit out of that.

✅ Stop worrying about accessibility when you’re just starting out and start thinking about how you can fund your business so you can BECOME more accessible to everyone in your audience.

✅ If you’re not excited to sell the f*ck out of your offer, don’t f*cking try to sell it

✅ That thing you can do in your sleep? Your ideal client has no idea where to start, and they’re not just going to go out and look up what you know. They want to be told that you have the shortest journey from Point A to Point B

✅ Go to your business’ primary social media account and look at your last 9 posts. How often have you included a sales-based call to action? None times? Well that explains why your service isn’t selling.

✅Your ideal client isn’t going to just ask you if you work with people. You have to *TELL* them how you work with people.

That's where 5 Days To A Sellable Signature Offer comes in.

Seriously. 5 Days. Let's Go.


I Keep It Simple, Stupid Simple

I've distilled each step of a process that takes me just a few minutes, into an easy-to-follow road map that will allow you to create and market a custom service that serves your clients and will allow you to stand out from the crowd in your industry.

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Don't put off taking your business to the next level. You're ready to start selling, you're ready to start confidently making an impact on the people who need you most. Now is your time.